The shield against corrosion

Zinoxx is the first anticorrosive paint in the industry, is a product created specifically to stop the wear of metals at nanometric levels

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It is cataloged as anticorrosive paint, since once it is applied on the surface, it acquires a metallic tone.


Its anticorrosive action is effective in internal and external structures, giving longer life time to protected materials.


It is created to protect metals even in extreme situations where contact with humidity is constant.

Multiple solutions


Outdoor metal areas reduce their useful life due to the weather, but with Zinoxx this remains in the past.


In a sector where metal structures are so important it is essential to shield them against the effects of corrosion.


Metal is the "bone" structure of buildings, and with nanotechnology we can give it longer durability and solidity.


The foundations in this industry are of vital importance, and rust is the main enemy, however, Zinoxx is the best ally against wear and tear.


This area can determine the total functioning in most industries, so the protection provided by nanotechnology is vital.


Aesthetics is not fought with safety, and nanotechnology applied to metals to protect them from corrosion is the proof.


Take your industry to the next level by implementing German nanotechnology in all your facilities.

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