The most powerful protective shield in the industry is also friendly to the environment, being composed of natural components.

Easy cleaning

Just require water and friction, say goodbye to all those harmful products for your health and the environment, as is chlorine.

Long duration

The surfaces are kept clean longer, thanks to the effect of repellency against liquids, oils and dirt in general.

Less wear

Cleaning is facilitated, as a result the structures suffer less wear and tear, remaining longer.

Application in Multiple Areas

The coatings based on nanotechnology can be applied in an infinite number of surfaces allowing to offer a large number of solutions to problems caused by humidity, protecting both the interior and the exterior of the surfaces.

The duration of the invisible protection of NanoX150 allows to have long periods of effectiveness without the need of conventional maintenance, facilitating cleaning work and reducing costs.




The power of the invisible shield

Nanotechnological coatings are the most cost-effective alternative to keep your properties always in perfect condition. Eliminates the use of cleaning products achieving the appearance of the materials in their original appearance, reduces the wear of the surface and saves on maintenance costs.

Forget about stains, fungus, moisture problems and enjoy your floors, ceilings and facades as when you saw them placed for the first time.